Apples, Cherries and Pears, Oh My!

Local orchards.

Want quality? Want healthy? Want fruit that's homegrown in local Selah, WA orchards and shipped fresh to you? Look no farther than Matson Fruit. We are a renowned grower and distributor of an assortment of apples, pears and cherries with over 100 years of experience caring for numerous orchards. Only the best fruit comes from our orchards and leaves our warehouse. Contact us today to work with the best in fruit distribution.

Nationwide distribution.

No one wants to eat bruised or aging fruit-fresh and crisp are where it's at! Our employees and consumers have a particular appreciation for great-tasting apples, pears and cherries, and many are familiar with the health benefits of the fruits we bring to our consumers. That's why we take such great care when it comes to shipping our antioxidant-rich products to you. Order from us, and you'll receive your produce in content-appropriate containers designed to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures so you can enjoy your fruit the way it's meant to be eaten: fresh.

Join our team.

Employment opportunities abound at Matson Fruit. Indoor- and outdoor-types are welcome to join the team. Enjoy the weather out in the orchards or uphold our speedy packaging and shipping promise in the warehouse. All you need to do is bring a positive attitude and the drive to get the job done. Whichever job you choose, you'll be welcomed into the Matson Fruit family with open arms.