Our History

Matson Fruit Company is a family owned fruit production company that has been in operation over 100 years. The company consists of two operations. One is geared towards the production of high quality tree fruits. The second operation is a tree fruit packaging and shipping facility which packages both tree fruits from company owned orchards and independent grower orchards. Matson Fruit orchards farms tree fruit in areas across Washington State. Matson Fruit warehouse packs thousands of boxes of apples and pears at their packaging facility in Selah, Washington. One of the major keys to success for Matson Fruit is a reliable supply of quality fruit. Quality fruit is desired because it instills confidence in customers and it translates into efficient packaging. To procure the needed quality fruit, Matson Fruit seeks top quality independent growers as well as top quality fruit from company owned farms.

Matson Fruit is continually trying to position itself as one of the finest, most reputable and profitable grower/packers in the tree fruit industry. Our current operations show the willingness to move forward in an ever changing industry in an attempt to meet the goals of the current generation and to effectively position the company for future generations. Matson Fruit Company has earned a solid reputation for integrity, honesty, loyalty and innovation. With these sound foundations from the past, Matson Fruit Company looks to build on them in the future by continuing to produce high quality horticultural products in a cost effective measure